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Policy bulletin 16: Charging & storing your Garia - relion battery

February 21, 2019

Type: Policy Bulletin

Affected Models: All Cars with lithium batteries

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

PB 000016


Garia has discovered a usage pattern where the customer is not allowing the Relion lithium battery to be fully charged and calibrated. This usage pattern can lead to incorrect Battery Discharge Indication (BDI) displayed on the instrument cluster resulting in an imbalance between BDI and actual voltage.


Use the information to properly charge the Garia Relion Lithium Battery by charging to full power.

Parts Information

The supplied charging cable. 

Instruction for accomplishment:

  1. Plug the charger cable into wall power outlet and then into the dash receptacle once a day allowing for full charge. (Solid green light on LED next to charger receptacle).
    PB16 1 PB16 2

    NOTICE: A very low battery can take between 5-7 hours for a complete charge.

  2. Storing Garia short term 
    (Between weekends)
    Plug the charger cable into the dash receptacle and leave plugged in. The battery charger is designed to monitor the voltage while plugged in and will charge the battery as needed.

    Storing the Garia for long term
    (More than a week)
    Charge Battery to at least 1 green displayed on instrument cluster and turn off the battery by pressing and holding the battery button for 7 seconds. The Relion ON/OFF button is located under the front seat on the passenger side. When ON, it will be illuminated in blue.
    2. If the Relion battery is powered on and unattended, the battery and light will shut off after no use for 7 days unless the charger cable is plugged in. If the battery pack turns off simply press the
    ON/OFF button until you hear the battery “click” on. The ON/OFF switch will illuminate. Plug the charger cable into the dash receptacle and wait for the LED next to charger re-ceptable to turn solid green before use.

    IMPORTANT: Anytime you turn the Relion battery on you will need to charge the battery until you get asolid green light on charger receptacle before use. If the battery is not charged it may drain to a low voltage disconnect. In this event the blue light/button on the battery will continue to illuminate. Press and hold the button to turn off and press again to turn on. Charge Vehicle immediately

  3. Garia Best Practice / A routine

    A couple of hours before you know you need to use your car, unplug the charging cable for 30 seconds and re-insert it. The charger will detect if it is necessary to charge the battery and you will get the best results from your lithium powered Garia.