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Policy bulletin 17: Utility door holder repair kit

August 9, 2019

Type: Policy Bulletin

Affected Models: Utility cars with doors produced before July 2019.

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

PB 000017


Garia have made an improvement to the mounting of the door holder to make sure the door will keep locking properly. 


Replacing the aluminum threaded inserts with sheet metal nut 

Parts Information

The spare parts required for this upgrade can be ordered directly at Garia, when ordering present
the VIN of the vehicle and the need parts will be shipped free of charge.


Function numbers to be used: 
U1828- Carrying out Policy bulletin PB00017 -  Utility door holder repair kit

Time: 0,25 hours


Spare parts required:
Part number:
 G1199714100 - Sheet metal nut, type 6
QTY / Vehicle: 2 pr. door 

Tools needed:

Torx 30, drill and a 9- or 10-mm metal drill
Torque wrench



  1. Lift the cupholder in the dashboard by grabbing the edges with your fingers. 
    To give you more work/moving space, you can remove the water drain hose and  remove the cup holder completely
    PB 17 pic1
  2. Unscrew the 2 bolts (Torx 30)
     PB 17 pic2
  3. Drill out the 2 aluminum threaded inserts, that the 2 bolts
    were mounted in, with at 9- or 10-mm drill Mount the 2 Sheet metal nuts 
  4. Mount the 2 Sheet metal nut (Type 6) in the door frame 
    PB 17 pic3
    PB 17 pic4
  5. Mount the door lock bracket with the 2 bolts (Torx 30) 
    PB 17 pic6

       Nm 9,7 /Ft. lb 7,1

    PB 17 pic5
  6.  Check that the door closes correct – if not adjust the lock bracket or lock bracket pin

  7. Install the cupholder again – remember the water drain hose if removed

  8. I the "Quick guide and service book",  please note: Policy bulletin PB00017 - Utility door holder repair kit completed - Data, Dealer stamp and signature.