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Our 100% electric utility vehicles combine durability and comfort. Low vibration and superior suspension ensure a smooth ride. The electric vehicle is easy to handle and agile in areas with narrow paths and curving roads.

All electric Garia Utility vehicles provide uncompromising quality and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

With ergonomic features throughout the spacious cabin, everything is easily within reach.

All vehicles are both designed and produced in Denmark (Europe).

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100% electric vehicle

Electric motors are ideal for stop and go operations. Our compact utility vehicle with no noise or gas emissions also make it possible to enter buildings. You can drive for hours without having to worry about your economy or polluting the local environment.

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Easy maintenance

Electric vehicles have few moving parts, do not require replacement of i.e. exhaust systems, sparkplugs or oil filters. Maximal productivity, minimal maintenance.

Garia Utility Vehicle fitable

A versatile workmate

Narrow and not obstruct city traffic, fit on the path in the park, sneak quietly around the hotel/resort, drive in and outside at a production or construction site.

Garia Utility Vehicle cargo bed with mesh cage

Lots of space

Load bed with drop down sides and cargo fixture points to facilitate loading and optimize capacity. A full load bed with no obstructing wheel arches provide plenty of space for any load.

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Easy to load and unload

Multiple rear vehicle configurations available. Easy loading/unloading is assured with a loading height of just 641 mm.
Van boxes available both with standard doors and/or roll up doors (roller shutter). 

Garia Utility Features galvanized frame

48V brushless AC motor

Up to 38% more efficient compared to a DC motor. Regenerative braking extend range and save energy. The 2 electric motor options provide high torque output and are equally suited for frequent stop and go operation as well as long haul delivery applications


Swing arm with coil over rear suspension

The adjustable tension rear suspension provide excellent load carrying capacity and a smooth ride.

Garia Utility Features AC motor

Heat treated galvanized frame

Provide a ridgid and stable steel frame structure and unmatched corrsion resistance.

Garia Utility Features suspension

McPherson front suspension

For smooth handling, accurate steering and superb stability

Garia Utility Features on board charger

On board Delta-Q charger

Charge anywhere - from a standard wall socket.

Garia Utility Features auto pedals

Automotive style pedals

- and plenty of leg room.

Garia Utility Features parking break

Automatic parking brake

Provide safe parking / stopping and lower maintenance.

Garia Utility Features spacious cabin

Spacious cabin

With unrivalled height and leg room, and visibility so every trip is comfortable and safe. No interfering wheel arches and everything within easy reach for both the operator and passenger.


Automotive style dashboard

High-end soft touch feel - easy to clean and provides insulation from outside noise. All vehicle and accessory controls are logically located where you need them.

Garia Utility Features street legal front light

Street legal headlights

EU-homologated headlights with high and low beam for superior vision in all conditions and enhanced safety.

Garia Utility Features street legal bac

Street legal rear lights

EU – homologated LED taillights. Safe and easily seen in all weather conditions.

Garia Utility Features road tires 2

Road tires

165/70-R13 road tires. M+S rated for all year use. Provide comfort, safety and low rolling resistance

Garia Utility Features ajustable mirrows

Adjustable side mirror and cup holders

The side mirrors are easily and remotely adjusted from within the cabin. This make any ride safer for any operator.

Garia Utility Features front space

Lockable storage space

The lockable front bonnet provide secure storage space and easy access to check windscreen washer or brake fluid, access to the fuse box or optional diesel tank for the thermostat controlled cabin heater.

Garia Utility Features dashboard

Storage compartments in dashboard

The refrigerator is an optional accessory. If this option is not selected you will get a spacious in dash storage space/glove compartment with plenty of room for both documents or other items you need during your workday.

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