Our vision is to create excellence in all our business areas. 

Our mission is to develop and produce personalized vehicles and solutions that exceeds our customers´ expectations. 



Our focus on quality is important to succeed with our vision.  

In our endeavor to achieve this objective, we will

-       Continuously educate and train our personnel

-       Maintain and improve standards of manufacturing

-       Secure a safe work environment

-       Continuously improve the quality management system by realize challenging quality objectives.

-       Closely monitor customer feedback, to improve the quality process.

-       New projects must be thoroughly assessed to ensure that they are suitable for our production equipment and that we have the necessary capability, including identification of risks and assessment of these.

-       Our dealers and agents shall be trained to have the correct qualifications to ensure customer satisfaction

-       Have ongoing follow-up regarding delivery capacity and deviations.

-       Production equipment in-house and at supplier must be maintained to ensure that productions schedules can be followed.

-       Make customer surveys, to be able identify customers’ needs and requirement, to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

-       All customer contacts must be handled efficiently

-       Improve the quality management system in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 and insure improvement, maintenance, development and applicable requirements

-       Meet all relevant customer requirements and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, standards, executive orders, etc. in the performed tasks.