The electric Garia Utility Vehicle is primarily aimed to municipal, post & parcel, green sector and facility management.



ASDA supermarket

Garia Utility is supplying a fleet of electric utility vehicles to ASDA, a leading supermarket chain in the UK, owned by Walmart. The Garia Utility vehicles will be used nationwide in the UK for the innovative online click and collect business ASDA has launched. 

ASDA has hundreds of handy click and collect locations across the UK. Garia Utility electric vehicles are used to fill up temperature controlled click and collect lockers in close proximity to the ASDA store. This way the groceries are ready for easy collection on the go by the customers.

Garia Utility is excited to be a partner with ASDA, our zero emissions electric utility vehicles support ASDA’s environmental strategy of reducing the environmental impact of their operations, as well has playing a key role in the click and collect strategy.


UPS - last mile delivery truck

Garia Utility are supplying UPS with last mile delivery trucks – used by UPS to deliver packages in congested inner city applications.



Garia Utility are supplying the Nordic logistics and postal service company PostNord with all-electric utility vehicles over a 3-year contract. Based on a Garia Utility City SC with a closed cargo box, it features special options developed for the post company including interior letter arranging racks, RH-steering and ergonomical accellerator pedal setup.


Copenhagen Municipality

Garia Utility are supplying a fleet of 100% electric utility vehicles to the Municipality of Copenhagen over a 2-year contract. Based on the Garia Utility models City SC and EC. The utility vehicles feature options developed especially for the municipality including power steering, LED day time running lights and an operator safety package.

The Municipality of Copenhagen aim to be the world’s first Co2 neutral capital. Combining growth, development and increased quality of life with lower Co2 emissions. The strategy is to be Co2 neutral by 2025, and the use of electric Garia utility vehicles within the city, play an important role in this strategy. The first supply of utility vehicles has taken place.



Many companies strive to become CO2 neutral. Aarstiderne take this serious by delivering their 100% ecological products with 100% electric vehicles such as the Garia Utility seen in this photo.


seef world friendly car wash solution

Garia Utility is exited to have teamed up with SeeF World to provide a zero emissions and environmentally friendly car wash solution. The solution will create jobs, save fresh water, reduce polluted waste water and provide a valuable service. The first vehicles are in operation in London. The solution is based on the Garia Utility City EC model.



Electric Garia Utility Vehicle fitted with a 520 liters milk tank to feed livestock. Farms are growing in size and feeding of livestock is a large undertaking. With the zero emissions and no noice Garia Utility Vehicle the operator can drive directly into the stable and feed young calves or pigs directly from the drivers seat.



The electric Garia Utility Vehicle at Gavno Estate is utilized on a daily basis for grounds maintenance and hauling tools and equipment. Especially equipped with a tilting load bed for loading and unloading soil and debris, it works as a multi functioning task vehicle for a variety of groundskeeping and transport needs. 



For Europe’s oldest amusement park, a Garia Utility Vehicle has been custom configured for use as a small but mighty fire truck. Assisting in emercency situations with fire extingushing tools and medical equipment, the electric Utility vehicle quickly navigates pedestrian zones with ease.



Garia Utility are supplying high-end hotel groups with electric utility vehicles for all sorts of service on their vast area. Its ability to carry plenty of load in a small package that is easy to manouvre around the site, makes it the preferred workmate for their everyday needs.



To act as site maintenance vehicles, at large industrial sites for various indoor and outdoor needs.



Garia Utility offers a custom rear solution for the Utility for transporting food, e.g. between departments - as used by a large danish industrial company.


A Garia Utility vehicle customized as a mobile vending unit. Bring to-go coffee to your customer.

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